Biohacking – the top 7 experts and tips for improving longevity and health

David Sinclair the leader in biohacking is an Australian biologist and ground-breaking professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School.

He is the inventor on http://ail/member/david-a-sinclair-phd/more than 50 patents, 170 papers and has been cited over 73,000 times. For us he is the go-to researcher of all thing’s biohacking. His mission is to discover mechanisms of biology that govern normal human ageing and how they relate to physiological decline In his book Lifespan he discusses recent studies to share information on how we might all be able to extend our years and to stay healthy and youthful.

Dave Asprey the Biohacking guinea pig

Dave Asprey is an entrepreneur on a mission to become a human guinea pig in his venture to live the longest healthiest life. He has used self-experimentation to increase his IQ, lose weight and reduce his biological clock and improve his personal biochemistry and mind to work in unison. His blog shares ideas on how he has succeeded and introduces other health and fitness experts,

Wim Hoff the Iceman of Biohacking

Wim Hoff is a Dutch extreme athlete. He gained the nickname of ‘The Iceman’ by breaking several records relating to being exposed to extreme cold. His method teaches simple ways that you can improve your wellbeing with a combination of breathing and cold therapy. Although Wim takes it to the extreme, he explains how the average person can embrace his philosophies.

Richard Faragher’s work on resveratrol

Richard Faragher is Professor of biological gerontology at the University of Brighton. He has studied the relationship between cellular senescence and ageing for over 30 years. His work has covered the accelerated aging disease, Werner’s syndrome. Recent work has indicated that resveratrol indicates that it is possible to turn back senescent cells into healthy growing cells.

“I’m very confident that we will see something useful from senolytics – everything now is timescales,” says Faragher. “The question is not will we see benefit, it’s who will see benefit, for what, and how fast?”

Tim Ferriss

Ferriss is famous for his New York Times best seller books; The Four-Hour Week and The Four-Hour Body. He delves into all thing’s health, biohacking, lifestyle, design and mental performance.

Liz Parrish the extreme biohacker

Liz has gone to extreme lengths in her quest to remain youthful as she underwent gene therapy in South America. Her work focuses on NAD levels in our cells. Rejuvenated have a ground-breaking supplement which works to support healthy levels of NAD and activate sirtuins to reduce senolytic cells. Discover Regenerate

Abel James Bascom

Abel is host of the Fat-burning man show. He began his work on biohacking after failing to lose weight. His programme is similar to a Paleo diet but he includes dairy within his food choices.