How to use your favourite scents to enhance your wellbeing

“Even if the flower is no more, still, the fragrance can be.”
–  Jaggi Vasudev

Boosting our mood often involves going straight to the more popular senses; we watch something on TV that makes us laugh, we listen to music that soothes us, we get cosy on the couch, and we eat the foods that make us happy. But just as sight, sound, touch, and taste can increase our wellbeing, the smell is a hugely under utilised tool that can really help us feel and perform at our best.

Research shows that scents work to stimulate parts of the brain and trigger particular memories, emotions, and responses, affecting our mood and behaviours. Often this happens without us even realising, but what if we could consciously use scent to our advantage and boost those good vibes? Here’s how…

Feeling tense?

Everyday stress can cause tension in the mind and muscles, leading to everything from headaches to sore stomachs. You can use a bubble bath to ease tension, but don’t forget to seek out de-stressing scents too. Fragrances such as soothing chamomile can help to actively restore you, and if your nerves are shot then the scent of mandarin acts as a natural sedative for the nervous system.

De-Stress Balm uses these captivating scents, plus a hint of uplifting neroli to lift your spirits and help you diffuse that building tension.

Can’t sleep?

Struggling to sleep can be so frustrating, and the less you sleep, the more you overthink it. If slumber is eluding you, there are a few scents that research shows can encourage a restful night. The classic, lavender, helps to relax your mind, and ylang-ylang is known to soothe and balance emotions, helping you drift off naturally.  

If tense muscles are preventing your sleep, the scent of palmarosa acts as a natural muscle relaxant, which is why it is in Sleep Well Balm along with lavender and ylang-ylang.

Easily distracted?

We’ve all been there; you have a big project at work or an exam coming up, and for some reason, your mind is wandering at every possible opportunity, slowing your progress and diminishing your focus. Scents can often be used as a ritual to form new habits and change the way our brain deals with certain situations, so if you feel distracted with an overactive brain, choosing a scent like a peppermint can help to sharpen your cognitive functions, while clary sage relieves mental fatigue, encouraging clear thoughts and concentration.

A hint of rosemary can also boost your memory, and Focus Balm combines the perfect scents to help take you from distracted to focused. With regular use, you can send your brain into focus mode whenever you use it.

Losing motivation?

We can all do with a motivation boost from time to time, and while a trip to the gym or a meditation session can help to enhance our creativity and brain power, it’s not always possible. What is possible, however, is smelling a few choice scents that can get those creative juices flowing without leaving your desk. Sandalwood and oud help to strengthen mental clarity, while frankincense provides the ideal scent to balance the senses and sharpen visualisation for increased creativity.

Escape Balm is designed using these fragrances to help stimulate motivation, and recharge your brain batteries at a moment’s notice.

Down in the dumps?

There are days when happiness and energy don’t come easily, and that’s OK. It can be tempting to reach for the nearest chocolate bar for an instant kick of serotonin, but there are other ways that don’t involve sugar. To brighten your mood, uplifting citrus scents such as pink grapefruit, plus strong fragrances like spearmint help to invigorate your senses and leave you feeling sparkly and energised, while lemon myrtle promotes relaxation so you feel all-round positive.

The aptly named Be Happy Balm incorporates all of these and more, giving you the best scent tools for when you need an instant pick-me-up.

Getting emotional?

When you just need a hug but there’s no one around, there are a few scents that can help provide a dose of self-love and self-care. Fragrances of rose help to balance your emotions, while grounding cedarwood and patchouli encourage feelings of relief when you’re stressed, anxious or upset.

Our Love Balm is designed to feel like the next best thing to a soothing hug, and if you are craving emotional intimacy and love then this balm will be the one you reach for.