Is your skin more sensitive now?

‘Normal’ life is stressful enough. But with new restrictions and responsibilities. No wonder skin sensitivity is on the rise. 

Sensitive Skin may affect any of us, at any time in our life. Today, more people are suffering than ever before.

Considering our lifestyle now, is it surprising? ‘Normal’ life is stressful enough. But with new restrictions and responsibilities. No wonder skin sensitivity is on the rise.

To get to the heart of skin sensitivity, there’s many things to understand:

  • Why your skin becomes sensitive
  • How stress and anxiety affect your skin
  • How your working environment and pollutants have an impact on your skin
  • How we can create a stronger less sensitive skin

Why your skin becomes sensitive

External skin stress

Your skin barrier is a protective layer designed to keep the good ‘stuff’ in and the ‘bad’ stuff out. When your skin barrier becomes weak, often from an inadequate skin care routine, or using too harsh products. Your skin can start to respond negatively to external stimulation. Heat, cold, wind, touch, or your skincare products.

As well as this, more severe redness can be caused by internal stimulus. Such as drinking alcohol, spicy foods, hormonal changes, stress & anxiety.

Internal skin stress

Skin sensitivity is linked to your brain, and your central nervous system.

When you’re upset, stressed, anxious or tired. Your whole system behaves in a negative way. Making you more sensitive (this includes your skin), and making you behave more emotionally than normal.

The combination of both internal & external stress is a cocktail for more than a gentle skin glow.

Neurotransmitters are released by your brain. Stimulating a response in your skin to release aggressive messengers. These stimulate nerve endings in our skin, causing redness, itching, heat, swelling and pain.

These responses have a negative effect on our collagen & elastin production (the proteins that give your skin its firmness & flexibility). This causes premature skin ageing.

It means sensitive skin ages more quickly, and it gets more sensitive as it ages (you may need to read that a few times!).

Help is on hand

Our Age Defence Sensitive Skin Cream contains a neuro-cosmetic ingredient. It has a positive effect on the discomfort associated with sensitive skin (it works to strengthen your skin from the inside out). While other ingredients repair your skin barrier. Giving you skin strengthening and anti- ageing benefits (this works to strengthen your skin from the outside, in).

For drier sensitive skin you’ll love Sensitive Skin Rich Cream – all the benefits of the Sensitive Skin Cream. In richer in texture.

How your home & working environment impacts your skin

Working from home, home schooling, or just being ‘locked down’ has a huge impact on your skin.

There are several things to consider when assessing what has had a negative impact.

Are you a creature of habit?

Try to keep structure to your day. Getting up 5 days a week and preparing to go to work gives most of us a morning routine. This means following your skincare routine, showering, getting the kids up, breakfast, teeth and out the door to school, work, the gym. Wherever!!

Has the loss of routine reduced how well you’re caring for your skin? A proper skincare routine is a twice daily self-care prescription you need, and your skin can’t do without. How you care for your skin morning & evening will make a huge difference to sensitivity.

Remote & virtual work will also impact your skin

Central heating dehydrates your skin, it dries the atmosphere and saps the moisture from your skin. Computers, laptops, and smart phones all emit blue light. This causes premature cell death, which means we are ageing faster than ever before.

A brisk walk at lunchtime. That’s good for us, right?

It’s very good for you, for lots of reasons – but think of your skin. You’re moving from a lovely warm home to biting temperatures when exercising outside. Whether that’s walking, running, or cycling. Your skin is under attack from the elements, causing redness and broken veins.

There’s 2 products I can’t live without

These protect against environmental damage.

The first is Rehydrating Concentrate. It has a unique way of working to rehydrate your skin by 73% in 30 minutes, and continues to drip feed your skin with our moisturising complex for up to 12 hours. It will reduce skin redness by 40% leaving your skin feeling supple, calm, and hydrated.

Daily DNA Defence SPF30 – NOT only for summer. It will defend your skin against all weather conditions come rain, wind, snow, or sunshine. It will give you complete protection against blue light and is great to use as a make-up primer. It’s your final coat of armour against environmental ageing.

These product suggestions will go a long way to easing skin sensitivity. Let’s face it, aggravated skin is one thing you can live without!

With Love

Donna xx