Essential Fragrance – Uplifting, Invigorating, Exhilarating


Essential Fragrance for Car & Home

Fragrance is the ultimate way to journey to your favourite destination. Your happiest memories are renewed by a single scent. Our Essential Fragrance allows you to relive your happiest memories each time you open your wardrobe, a drawer or drive your car.

Notes: Orange, Neroli & Pepper

An uplifting cocktail of orange & neroli. With a touch of pepper and a sprinkle of chilli. This fragrance is empowering and energising.

“You’ll love this if the freshness of citrus is your ‘thing’. This is my favourite of the collection. It brings back memories of my ultimate Mediterranean holidays. Visits to local markets. The spice sellers, next to citrus stalls. The fragrances entwining together. Its fresh with an exhilarating twist.” Donna Tait, Katherine Daniels Co-founder.

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