Slimming Contouring Gel 200ml


Easily Absorbed Formulation

Our easily absorbed salon strength slimming gel is an ultra-penetrating formula to ensure maximum action on fat release and elimination. It improves the appearance of orange peel skin and firms and tones your body contours.

Key ingredients:

  • Seaweed Extract (Laminaria Digitata)
  • Break down fatty molecules and smooths the ‘orange peel’ effect
  • Caffeine and Silicon derivatives
  • Fat releases and elimination, activates lipolysis and frees up fatty acids
  • Repairing Marine Complex (Spirulina, Seawater, Gigartina Seaweed)
  • Drains water trapped between fat cells and tones your skin
  • Efficiency tests :
  • Body contouring effect for 59%*
  • Skin toning effect for 82%*
  • Skin firming effect for 86%*
  • Reduction in measurements were observed.

*Clinical tests were conducted on 22 volunteers after 28 days

**Self-evaluation test carried out by 22 volunteers after 28 days