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Skincare Professional Tina Samuel, Just Gorgeous Worcester shares her client Ellie’s skincare journey with you.

Meet Ellie… 

I’m 21 years old. Throughout my teenage life, I have suffered with my skin. It was so spotty across my cheeks, red and sensitive in other areas. Sore to touch even! I had open pores and lots of blackheads. It made me self-conscious, so I wore lots of makeup everyday to cover my skin. 

What would the future hold? 

I could see the scars across my cheeks from the spots appearing. Living with sore skin that was not pleasant. It wasn’t improving with the products that I was using.  

Meet Tina… 

I have worked as a skincare professional for 15 years, I opened my salon Just Gorgeous 13 years ago. 

I introduced Katherine Daniels to my salon in 2018. It is the best I have found in the skincare market, the results I deliver to my clients are remarkable. 

In March 2019 Ellie approached me to help her with her skin.  

Ellie’s skin wasn’t going to get better overnight

During consultation, I learned about the stages of her skin issues. What she had been using on it & her time and monetary budgets.  

Now I could plan how to change things – how to give her the clear, healthy skin she longed for. It wasn’t going to get better overnight, a commitment had to be made by Ellie. 

Without action her skin would not get better

It would have become more sensitive, more painful to touch.  

The blackheads would have kept coming. Stretching open her hair follicles to leave holes. The scar tissue wasn’t healing properly before another spot formed. We ran the risk of a scarred, uneven skin later in life. 

Using harsh products, leaves your skin vulnerable

It’s a common mistake. Using harsh, stripping product on spots to ‘degrease’ your skin. Using no moisturiser because ‘my skin is spotty’ this leaves your skin vulnerable, with little protection from dirt & pollution. Even your foundation becomes problematic for an under protected, parched skin. 

Any moisture in your foundation is used by your skin, to ‘self moisturise’ leaving your makeup patchy in those very dry & dehydrated areas.  

A step by step approach, but first a proper cleansing routine

I advocate a traditional double cleanse and tone approach, along with the Deep Cleansing Skin Rejuvenating System. This gives a deeper, more effective cleanse. Thanks to the silicone massage points which vibrate gently over your skin. This is how we cleanse skin at the start of professional treatments, we do this because it’s the best way.  

The results encouraged Ellie to commit to and continue her new regime

I needed to calm her skin, by reducing the redness her skin would look better and feel better immediately. It was a simple 3 step process – cleanse, tone & moisturise 

Twice a week Ellie gently exfoliated her skin. This would keep her hair follicles free of dead cells, to help stop more spots from forming. 

The results encouraged Ellie to commit to her new regime.  

Next we introduced the next stage of her journey – professional treatments. 

Intensive course of professional treatments 

I wanted to start a smooth healing process with The Age Defence Resurfacing Treatment.  After the course we moved to monthly maintenance of the same treatment. 

Introducing different products to her homecare regime 

I introduced the Total Skin Repair Concentrate to Ellie’s homecare regime, to support the healing process and to build strength within her vulnerable skin. We introduced a more hydrating moisturiser, to re-ignite her skins irrigation channels. To flush out cells that were full of toxins. For this we introduced the Rehydrating Cream. It was still a simple regime, one I knew she would stick to. 

This transformation took just 8 weeks! 

Good, considering it was a problem that was 5 years in the making! 

Here’s what Ellie has to say about her skincare journey. 

I can’t thank Tina and Katherine Daniels enough. My skin is now more even in colour, it looks and feels in great condition. There are no red, sore areas and the scarring is healing nicely.  

I do have occasional flare ups, but only after an overindulgence!  

You have given me the confidence to show off my skin. I even have ‘very proud’ no-makeup days! 

Tina adds 

Skincare professionals can help everyone. We don’t only correct problem skin.  Looking great for your age is many peoples ambition. Skincare professionals can help all people of all ages to have fabulous skin.  

After 1 ½ decades as a skincare professional I can confidently say that Katherine Daniels will not disappoint you. It doesn’t have a crazy price tag. Making it affordable to have and maintain fabulous skin. With results like this…