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Skincare Professional Tara Umney, The Beauty Box Bromham shares her client Vanessa’s skincare journey with you.

Meet Vanessa…

My skin has been problematic for over 10 years due to my underlying Crohn’s condition. It had become very dry, the ‘bounce’ had gone, it looked grey and unhealthy. It felt weak.

When I met Tara at The Beauty Box Bromham. My skin was thin, like paper. It was sensitive and generally lacked vitality. It was quite a low point for me.

What would the future hold?

I hate to think what would have happened to my skin in the future. If I hadn’t had the opportunity of having a treatment with Tara.

Meet Tara…

I specialise in skin and skincare in my business. I know that Katherine Daniels treatments & products are amongst the best tools in my salon to give results to my clients.

Vanessa had been ill for many years when we met. While her illness will never be cured, it is now controlled. It was time to get her skin under control too.

Without action the condition of her skin would become worse

If Vanessa hadn’t taken the opportunity to have treatments and change her skincare regime. Her skin would have become more fragile, more sensitive and would look older than her age. There may have been a high risk of conditions such as Rosacea forming too.

Her skin was letting its own moisture and oil escape

Because her skin was so dry & sensitive due to illness and the medication. My priority was to treat the sensitivity. This doesn’t mean only calming and soothing the skins surface. It means giving strength back to her skin, to make it less vulnerable, less fragile. This in turn would calm and sooth her skin. Because of the lack of oil (dryness), her skin was letting its own moisture and oil escape.

The results from her 1st treatment were incredible

The 1st treatment I performed was the Katherine Daniels Age Defence Treatment for Sensitive Skin. We continued to do 1 of these a week for 4 weeks. An intensive course is the best way to start to correct the skin. The results from her 1st treatment were incredible. Over the next 11 months, we continued with monthly maintenance of the same treatment. 

Your daily skin regime is vitally important to correct your skin

Vanessa’s skin was so vulnerable, we had to keep her regime simple at first. Build strength, and re-ignite a good healthy skin function. Then we could elevate the results to the highest level.

We started with Miracle Cleaning Jelly, Rehydrating Concentrate & Sensitive Skin Rich Cream. All bases were covered.

It’s a commitment from a client

Commitment and continuity are key to results. Vanessa took that on board and followed my instruction to get the results she deserves.

As we worked past the intensive course of 4 treatments. We moved onto monthly maintenance treatments. Her skin was in better condition now, so we were able to up the anti with our homecare regime. I knew that her skin would now respond positively to the ingredients it received.

Just look at the result – they speak for themselves

What a transformation!

Here’s what Vanessa has to say about her skincare journey

“Tara, you have changed my life! I keep glancing in the mirror and thinking “Oh my gosh! My skin is now like it was 15 years ago”. I feel renewed in confidence. I look better and I feel better.”

My skin is bright, full of life, plumped. It doesn’t look grey anymore,

“You took the time to understand my illness. This allowed you to give me the treatments & products that gave results.”

Your products are astonishing! And great value for money

“My skin doesn’t flare up when my illness does. Thanks to your knowledge and understanding of skin, combined with the incredible Katherine Daniels products. You have given me my life back.”

Tara adds, Katherine Daniels – does what it says on the tin

As a skincare professional. I urge anyone to use Katherine Daniels. Results are visible after a single treatment.

I urge you to seek advice from skincare professionals like me. Treatments can be relaxing too, we can combine relaxation with results.