Photo Dynamic Therapy

Photo Dynamic Therapy


​A revolutionary non-invasive treatment based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair. A combination of our Photo-Dynamic mask and light activated skincare technology. Until now our medical grade system has only been offered by doctors and dermatologists.


We combine 4 dynamic therapies for exceptional results

1: Resurfacing Peel
To gently remove dead cells from the skin’s surface. This aids the delivery of key ingredients and lightwaves into the skin

2: Dynamic Therapy
Using our developed range of light activated Photo-Dynamic Concentrates to amplify the powerful effect of the High Density LED. As the wavers of light enter the skin, it transports the ingredients to the same skin depth – achieving the ultimate results.

3:Photo Therapy
Skin will receive High Density LED which delivers a higher amount of energy into a larger treatment area.
It is more effective than many other types of light

4: Prescriptive Homecare
Our treatment Boosts contain a potent concentration of active ingredients, making them available to the skin in between treatments.


Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation

  • Photo-Dynamic Concentrates act on global anti-ageing action on all signs of skin ageing.  A Botox type effect. Evens skin tone.
  • Photo Dynamic Mask and Treatment Boosts stimulate collagen and elastin production.  Re-energises cells.  Cell regeneration and renewal.  Anti-inflammatory.


  • Stimulates overall skin function
  • Skin is plump, full & Firm
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Skin is more even in colour

Rosacea & Sensitive Skin

  • Photo-Dynamic Concentrates reduces redness, repairs and soothed.  Stimulates cellular respiration, Anti-inflammatory.
  • Photo Dynamic Mask and Treatment Boosts reduces congestion.  Anti-inflammatory. Stimulates the production of lymphocytes.  Calming and soothing.


  • Skin is oxygenated and able to function more effectively
  • Reduces congestion and inflammation
  • Skin is soothed and calmed

Pigmentation & Dark Spots

  • Photo-Dynamic Concentrates Targets existing pigmentation marks.  Prevents the formation of new marks and works on total skin hue for an even colour
  • Photo Dynamic Mask and Treatment Boosts inhibit excess melanin production.  Reduces hyper pigmentation. Stimulates collagen and elastin production and has an anti-inflammatory action


  • Stimulates overall skin function
  • Lightens dark marks
  • Prevents the formation of new marks
  • Skin is more even in colour

 Acne & Blemished Skin

  • Photo-Dynamic Concentrates Bacteriostatic effect.  Anti-inflammatory effect.  Anti-microbial effect.  Reduces redness and reduces scar tissue
  • Photo Dynamic Mask and Treatment Boosts Destroys Propionibacterium in acne.  Anti-inflammatory action.  Anti-fungal.  Inhibits the growth of the stratum corneum.  Aids skin healing


  • Skin is better equipped to care for itself
  • reduces inflamed and angry spots
  • Scar tissue starts to heal
  • Skin is smoothed and calm

What is LED photo-therapy?

Well evidenced for it’s anti-inflammatory and regenerative benefits, LED photo-therapy is the application of ow level, non thermal light to stimulate or regulate biological processes within the skin.

Specific wavelengths activate key cell receptors and trigger a transfer of beneficial light energy to cellular energy.  It’s a natural response – like that of a plant receiving light for photosynthesis.  A Process known as Photo Biomodulation.

Skin cells that are energised function better and renew faster.  Eergised cells improve problem skin conditions and promote vibtrant healthy looking skin.

is LED different to Laser Treatment?

Yes, LED is non-ablative – meaning it does not cut,burn or break the skin’s surface.  The laser works by using heat.  This heat caused trauma within the skin, creating awound that then repairs.  This means that sfter a laser session your skin will be very red, often painful and you will peel.  The recovery time is anything from 3-10 days.

Can LED be used post-laser/microdermabrasion?

Yes, LED will enhance and accelerate the results from other treatments.  You can combine LED with microdermabrasion, ​​peels, rollering, microneedling and mesotherapy and fillers.  As well as after laser treatments to reduce downtime.  Because LED builds healthy skin from the inside out, it compliments treatments that works in other ways.