Ways to reduce and prevent wrinkles

Tips and tricks to help understand and prevent wrinkles.

As skincare experts with over 65 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we are always asked our advice and we’d love to share our knowledge and experience with you all.
The truth is that you can’t prevent the onset of wrinkles.
Wrinkles are part of the ageing process and part of what nature intended.
Your genetics play a part in how your skin ages, but ageing is not just about lines and wrinkles, its about loss of skin tone, muscle tone and the morphological changes in your bone structure and the slowdown of cellular communication and the ability of your skin to produce natural oils.
It’s also about more superficial things such as open pores, pigmentation marks and the deterioration of your skin’s barrier to the outside world which may lead to dehydration of your skin.
That’s the big picture of skin ageing but don’t panic there are lots of ways we can ensure your skin looks and acts more youthfully.
Unfortunately, the more ‘vices’ you have the more TLC you will have to commit to looking after your skin throughout your late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. Smoking, caffeine, alcohol, UV radiation, sunbeds, pollution and blue light all have an impact on how your skin ages. We need to take a holistic approach to keep our bodies healthy as well as our skin cared for.
Here are the top 10 KD expert tips to help keep the signs of ageing at bay;

  • Eat a healthy diet, lots of ‘non dense’ foods. Fruit and veg are ideal as these contain lots of water.
  • Limit your sugar intake, sugar plays havoc with the flexibility of your collagen and elastin fibres, which effects the strength and tone of your skin.
  • Drink plenty of water, it supports your vital organs first and your skin second.
  • What goes on must come off – makeup, don’t sleep in it – EVER! (See our previous blog “Sleeping in your make-up and why it’s not the best idea”)
  • Exfoliate your skin weekly; once a week is enough, twice a week is maximum. Removing dead skin cells will encourage your skin to produce new ones, a natural anti-ageing effect, over exfoliating may damage healthy cells (see our blog “How often should I exfoliate?”)
  • Find a skincare regime that works for your lifestyle and commit to practicing it twice daily. Dedication of this must become a way of life for you.
  • Use a broad-spectrum SPF daily, come rain or shine. A product that also protects your skin against the damaging and ageing effects of pollution and blue light will become your BFF.  Our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is a weightless coat of armour for your skin’s protection.
  • Regular facial treatments – Professional treatments give you a complete skin overhaul. Choose what works for your time and budget and make sure that the salon you use includes your neck and décolleté as part of your treatment (insist on it). You’ll never look back and you’ll also gain some valuable ‘me time’.
  • Get your beauty sleep, your body needs it – 3-4 hours sleep prior to 1am to enable your bodies repair mechanisms to work efficiently, so bed by 10pm is ideal.
  • Finally, the older you get the more care of your skin you’ll have to take but this doesn’t have to mean long and complicated regimes, but it will mean better skin for life.

AUTHOR  Kirsti Shuba