Why is having a skincare regime so important

Helping you to understand the many benefits of sticking to a skincare regime

It is important to look after your skin in order to get the best from it.  Even the simplest skin regime can play its part in buffering the skins defences against environmental factors that can affect skin ageing and sun damage.

Your daily skincare regime doesn’t have to be complicated; it is best to keep it as simple as it takes for you to be able to stick to it, meaning you will begin to see great results.  My regime usually takes two minutes in the morning and two minutes in the evening to complete, with a little extra TLC once a week.

However, in order to see the best results, it is imperative that you use products that suit your skins needs.  Products should a) treat your skin type and b) treat your skin condition.

Your skin type is your genetic skin type where you will have dry or oily tendencies and your skin condition comes from your lifestyle, the environment and the climate in which you live which can cause dehydration, sensitivity and skin ageing.

Skin conditions are sometimes linked to genetics (skin ageing) but things like stress levels, pollution, radiation (from UV and blue light), alcohol, caffeine, air-conditioning and central heating all have a huge impact in the way that your skin looks and feels, which may ultimately mean your skin looks older than it could for your age.

Nevertheless, here at Katherine Daniels we have created a simple four step prescription process that incorporates salon strength products which you can follow in order to either develop your own routine from scratch or simplify your existing regime.​


If you would like to find out more information about our luxurious and result-driven products in regards to what they do, how they should be use and what skincare step they fall into then visit our product pages here.

Kirsti Shuba