Menopause Vs Your Skin

The menopause is nothing new. Talking openly about it is a hot topic. As your hormones ebb and flow (or peak and crash). You’ll experience anything from hot flushes to moments of low mood and anxiety. But what is spoken about less is how the menopause years affect your skin?

Fact -: Menopause usually occurs between 45 and 55 years.

The first stage is perimenopause (peri means around, or about). This is when you may notice the onset of some characteristics of menopause showing in/on your skin.

How the perimenopause years affect your skin.

These characteristics may include; increased sensitivity, dryness, dehydration, skin thinning, changes in colour and texture, skin breakouts and increase in facial hair growth.

With so much happening within you, it’s easy to lose sight of what your skin is crying out for. It’s easy to look at the multi-symptoms of your skin and try to treat these all together, all at once. But instead, and what is more effective is to treat the cause of the problems first.

Avoid skin confusion.

While the cause is the huge shift in hormones. You must think logically to avoid sending mixed messages to your skin and causing skin confusion. This will lead to problems which wouldn’t have occurred if your skin was cared for correctly.

During perimenopause, you should treat the basic functions of your skin. To keep it in the best working order. Give in abundance the one thing that all living cells need – that’s hydration. Because the drop in oestrogen levels affect your skins’ ability to stay hydrated.

We also know that skin dryness is a characteristic to look out for. With lower levels of oil and water within your skin. It’s likely that your skin barrier becomes damaged (your skin barrier is on the surface and keeps the ‘good stuff’ in (the good stuff is oil and water). It keeps the ‘bad stuff’ out (bacteria, dirt and pollution particles).

Rebuilding your skin barrier is like patching up and waterproofing a well-loved umbrella.

Firstly, we need to rebuild your skin barrier. Like patching up and waterproofing a well-loved umbrella. Then we increase the hydration levels within your skin. As well as boosting the oil levels. Now we can work on your skins’ ability to produce its own oil and water.

Helping your skin function efficiently for itself, is most important.

Yes, the function will be less than that of a ‘younger you,’ but it will be much better than that of someone who is trying to treat all the visible symptoms of their skin, in one foul swoop during perimenopause.

Treat your skin first.

Treat your skin rather than the symptoms. Once your skin is working well for itself it will be more responsive to all treatment and ingredients that you offer it. It will be less likely to become sensitive and show symptoms of a sensitive skin. Throwing mixed messages via conflicting ingredients is sure to create skin confusion. The outcome includes congestion, excess oil and breakouts. Or redness, breakouts and sensitivity.

In time we will treat the symptoms. The things you see when you look in the mirror. We can address the ‘traditional’ signs of skin ageing. Your skin will be better accepting and able to use skincare ingredients more efficiently. Delivering the best results.

Katherine Daniels products to help you sail through perimenopause.

How the menopause years affect your skin.

Following this skincare advice throughout your perimenopause years will serve you well. It sets you up for less issues in later years. Yes, your skin will continue to change, but this will be less drastic, less noticeable.

But for those already experiencing menopause. This is what happens to your skin.

As you advance to true menopause, your skin’s ability to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid diminishes sharply. This will result in accentuated lines and wrinkles as your skin becomes drier and thinner. In addition, your body’s ability to make and retain antioxidants is negligible, which will result in a dull sluggish complexion. Antioxidants are your natural defence against the scavengers known as free radicals. These are responsible for the demise of healthy cells (Reactive Oxidative Stress).

Providing you have prepared, strengthened and plumped your skin beforehand; you can now introduce specific products ingredients to treat the symptoms of your skin which you see in the mirror. Maybe you want to treat the signs of skin ageing, maybe its skin sensitivity and high colour that bothers you the most.

Getting the biggest results.

To get the biggest results against the signs of ageing, you will need to introduce peptides. These will stimulate your skin’s youth mechanisms. Add in powerful antioxidants to your skin and fight the global signs of ageing. These include lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Your skin will benefit from:

Alternate your perimenopause products with your menopause products to keep your skin strong, healthy and in top condition through menopause and beyond.

How post menopause affect your skin.

During this time, you may notice the shape of your face changing. It’s like the skin on your face seems a little ‘too big,’ resulting in skin sagging or slackening.

This happens as the muscles which are attached to your skin lose their tone and volume, you’re muscles diminish. Your skin lacks structure and sags. In addition, there’s also bone shrinkage, which can be seen as hollowness around your eyes. Your jawline becomes less pronounced and your face structure loses its youthful definition.

Providing you have looked after your skin as described in the perimenopause and menopause, these changes may not be as visible in your skin. However, you can still help yourself by using a good routine. Self-help, such as facial exercises. These help in many ways, increasing circulation, toning your muscles. (Your bone strength improves with good muscle tone).

As with any exercise, always start with 2-3 minutes a day and build up to around 10 minutes over a period of four weeks.

I would love to help you sail through your ‘M-Years’ and help you love the skin you’re in.

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AUTHOR Kirsti Shuba