Our philosophy ‘Skin First, Symptoms Second.’

Our approach to creating your ‘best skin’ may be different to what you’ve learned over the years.  

Our philosophy, our approach is known as ‘Skin First, Symptoms Second.’ 

As skincare experts with over 70 years’ experience in the professional beauty industry, we know our approach, our philosophy is different. But we assure you it works! 

Katherine Daniels products are created around treating your Skin First and your Symptoms Second.  

We know that healthy, well-functioning skin responds best to treatment. This is why your primary goal must be treating your skin. Our professional strength products will stimulate healthy skin function; this re-educates your skin to perform to its best potential.  

Once your skin is working to its best ability, you are able to treat the visible symptoms quickly and effectively. Symptoms are the things you see on your skin. The things you want to address, change, or enhance. This may be sensitive, high colour, it may be congestion. It may be hyper-pigmentation, sallow dull skin or it may be to keep on top of the signs of skin ageing. Whatever your needs, we have a solution. 

Our promise to you. 

You will see great results if you consistently use the correct products at home. We can help you choose which will give you the best results. Just book a 20 min consultation in person or over Zoom, whichever suits you best.

Say ‘Goodbye’ long complicated skincare routines.  

And ‘Hello’ to our 4-step prescription process and ‘well hello’ to beautiful skin! 

Let us guide you step by step. 

We have created a simple 4-step prescription process. We know that time is of the essence and your goal is beautiful looking skin.  

Follow our process for a few minutes in the morning and the same in the evening. That’s truly all you’ll need, with the correct products. This will bring you ‘Better Skin For Life’. 

Credit: Kirsti Shuba, Katherine Daniels Co-Founder