Post depilation concentrate

As human beings, both male and female, we have naturally occurring hair growth. It’s there for a reason; protection, warmth and to prevent friction to your skin.

​As human beings, both male and female, we have naturally occurring hair growth. It’s there for a reason; protection, warmth and to prevent friction to your skin.

The quantity and thickness of your natural hair growth will depend on your skin and hair colour as well as genetics. Society, culture and often trends may dictate that our skin should be smooth and hair free, if this is the case for you,  you will have at some time undergone some form of hair removal, from shaving, waxing, plucking threading, maybe even laser treatment and those of you who are over 40 quite possibly endured the self-torture that was the ‘silkepil’ (a device that would roll across you skin plucking out the hairs so slowly and so painfully as it went).

Then there are the ‘unnatural’ forms of hair growth and probably the more unwanted forms, where there should be soft downy vellus hair, there grows thick terminal wiry. In many cases this is caused by changes in hormones at certain times in our lives or could be connected to more sinister conditions (generally hormone related) such as Polycystic Ovaries or Cushing’s Syndrome to name a few.

There is an effective low cost treatment available, most definitely for the natural forms of hair growth but also something that will help the ‘unnatural’ forms of hair growth too, when I say help, it will slow the hair growth down rather than halt it altogether, this is because the reason for hair growth is hormonal imbalance and until this is corrected we will never be able to get the result that we really want.

At some point in your adolescent life your parent or guardian probably advised you 3 things about hair facial and body.

  • Don’t shave your eyebrows, pluck them
  • Don’t shave your legs, wax them (or epilate them, Ouch!)
  • Never, ever, ever shave your face

Point 1 & 2 will help to, in the long term reduce hair growth. Waxing at a salon will probably be the system of choice for many of us but any form of hair removal that removes the hair from the base of the follicle can incorporate our treatment product, Post Depilation Concentrate.  This also means any hair removal system that removes the hair from the root such as threading and the dreaded Silkepil!!

To understand how our product works, is to understand the hair growth cycle – there are 3 parts of the cycle, Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. It is the Anagen stage of the cycle that we are interested in. In this stage your hair is attached to the base of the follicle, it has a blood supply feeding the hair germ cells, which make the hair grow, good and strong.  It’s these hair germ cells that we want to work on. Remove the hair from the follicle and apply the Post Depilation Concentrate.  It will enter the follicle which is left open for a short period of time. The ingredients in the product will work to dissolve the hair germ cells. This means that the follicle will have to produce new cells before it can produce a new hair. Depending on how dark and thick the hair is indicating how long it takes for this process to happen. Eventually your follicle will give up producing cells and therefor give up producing a hair.  You have a 1 in 3 chance of each hair being in the Anagen stage of growth, a 1 in 3 chance of successfully being able to dissolve the hair germ cells.

Initially, you will notice that the product helps to relieve that plucked chicken look to your skin by calming and soothing, you will notice when you use the product at home twice a day on the treated areas how soft and hydrated your skin becomes. Then you’ll notice that your hair regrowth is slower and when it does come, it’s less. This is thanks to our ingredient Capislow which works to reduce the quantity and quality of hair regrowth by 35% in 28 days!!

After 28 days stop using your Post Depilation Concentrate until the next time you have a hair removal treatment, then start using it again for the next 28 days.  After 12-18 months you can rid an area of hair but during this time your waxing will be less painful because the quantity and quality of hair is reducing and you will prevent ingrowing hairs, a must-have treatment for intimate waxing.

Unwanted hair growth – the same rules apply, however; the hair growth will slow down but will never halt until the condition that is causing the hair growth is corrected. I used to treat a client who had Polycystic Ovaries, which led to terminal type hair growing as a half beard. When we first met, I was waxing her face every 1.5 weeks and it was painful for her, as well as damaging her skin. After a few months we are able to wax every 3 weeks. For her this was a huge success and one that she was very happy with.

AUTHOR  Kirsti Shuba