Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

I’ve had so many compliments on my skin, this product will replace my foundation forever
Susan, Pure Pigments Foundation Drops Customer.

Create peachy looking skin with long lasting colour and maximum skin comfort, in the minimum amount of time.

Why we’ve made this product for you…

Some days you want a light colour correcting coverage (CC Cream). Other days you want an even skin tone, medium coverage. Sometimes you need concealer to fake a full 8-hours sleep. You always want longevity from your make-up. Applying to a primed skin is a must to achieve a flawless finish.

We’ve created our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops to give you all of this (and more). We were fed up with having 5+ make-up products in our kit to be able to create all the looks we wanted to achieve throughout a week. We created Pure Pigment Foundation Drops to give you everything you need to create all the looks you want.

Use with our Foundation & Concealer Brush and we promise you a seamless, professional, airbrushed finish.

It’s time to reinvent everything you know about foundation.

Why you’ll love this product..

It’s a true make-up, skincare hybrid. We use skincare worthy ingredients to enhance your complexion.

It’s your make-up! It’s your rules. Some days you want sheer and some days you want more. You’ve got it! Flexi cover and flexi colour.

Use neat to conceal and mix it with our Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to create your foundation – the way you want it, however you’re feeling, whatever you’re doing. You can customise your coverage with Pure Pigment Foundation Drops for office days, nights out, shopping at the weekend, Sunday mornings or going to the gym. Our Foundation & Concealer Brush gives you a ‘polished’ finish in super quick time. Perfect for when you’re running late or when your pre-school run routine gets chaotic.

Sometimes during the year you need lighter and sometimes you need more colour. There are also times when you need the ‘in-between’. You’ve got it with our Pure Pigment Foundation Drops!

Pure Pigment Foundation Drops are rich in colour which means a little goes a long way. They’re long lasting on your skin, meaning your make-up will look fresh and glowing all day.

You can use the darker shades to contour your face and elevate your features, or mix with your Nourishing Hydrating Balm for a summer skin leg enhancer.

Achievable looks with Pure Pigment Foundation Drops

What makes Pure Pigment Foundation Drops so good?

We use pure pigments and skincare worthy ingredients for a long lasting, silky supple finish and maximum skin comfort. Let’s look at how it works…

Pure Pigment.

Exceptional long-lasting cover and colour. 

Spherical Powders.

Blurs imperfections.

Nourishing Oils & Butters.

From macadamia, sweet almond and avocado, for a luminous skin finish.

Vitamin E.

A powerful antioxidant. It helps to keep scavenger cells under control, reducing the destruction of healthy cells. It’s a hyper effective age defence ingredient. 

There’s no parabens, mineral oils, sodium laurel sulphate or phthalates. Nothing suspicious to see here! It’s not tested on animals.

The packaging is worth a mention

Our tube is made from Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic (PCR), its recyclable too. It’s specially designed to keep the colour of your product true, throughout its life. The small nozzle means you can dispense the amount you need with no wastage.  

How to achieve the coverage you like…

Light Coverage

Mix 30% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 70% Daily DNA Defence SFP30 to achieve a light coverage make-up look. Perfect if you’re looking for a ‘CC Cream’ effect.

Medium Coverage

Mix 50% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 50% Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to achieve a medium coverage make-up look.

Fuller Coverage

Mix 70% Pure Pigment Foundation Drops with 30% Daily DNA Defence SPF30 to achieve a fuller coverage make-up look.


Use Pure Pigment Foundation Drops neat to conceal under eyes and any imperfections.