Skin Cleansing, like a ‘Pro’

Skin cleansing is your first step to beautiful skin and the confidence that beautiful skin can bring you.

Skin cleansing is your first step to beautiful skin and the confidence that beautiful skin can bring you.

There’s a couple of things to bear in mind with your skincare routine.

  • Correct and consistent: Do it correctly and do it twice a day.
  • It works if you work it: Owning products does not give you great skin, using them correctly does.

Throughout January, I will help you understand why cleansing is the first step to having ‘Better Skin for Life.’ As well as this blog, I will be sharing videos with you. Showing you how to cleanse and exfoliate your skin quickly and perfectly.

My skincare routine takes me a little over 2 minutes in the morning and 2 minutes in the evening. Yours shouldn’t take you any more time than this. Once you’ve got a correct cleansing routine, you’ll consistently ‘show up’ and enjoy the process and you’ll love the results it gives you.

Why cleansing is important and what does cleansing really do?

Throughout the day oil, dirt, make-up and pollution particles get onto your skin. If left uncleansed all this collects in the openings of your skin, i.e your hair follicles. Your hair follicles become blocked, forming a ‘plug’ of debris. A blackhead forms. Or the debris festers and bacteria breeds. The area around the follicle then becomes raised, red and sore. A spot forms.  White blood cells go to the area to fight the infection. These white blood cells die (this is pus), a white head forms.

Did someone once tell us ‘Squeeze until you draw blood, then you know you’ve removed the spot’ (this is rubbish by the way)! The thing is once you draw blood you have 28 days plus healing time (depending on your age). The spot will usually get re-infected sometime during the healing process. We squeeze again and draw more blood. Then repeat! By this point you are likely to be left with damages which may result in scarring.

I’m not saying that cleansing your skin properly and with the correct products will stop you having a spot or black head again, of course I’m not. But making sure your skin is clean of excess oil, dirt, makeup and pollution particles each night will limit the number you get. It will ensure your skin is in its best shape to recover and repair while you sleep.

Talking of sleep…

Failing to cleanse away the dirt and debris of the day before bed will see it all transferred to your pillow. Each night thereafter, it’s transferred back onto your skin. You wouldn’t go to bed with your clothes, coat and boots on after a long day out. Other than the discomfort, there’s some obvious reasons why you change into fresh PJ’s!!

By now, you might be feeling a little smug because you do cleanse your skin each night. If you don’t feel smug, please think about what’s happening to your skin. Why not make a resolution to challenge yourself to a 2-week cleansing routine. See and feel the difference it makes to your skin.

Katherine Daniels cleansing products:

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Kirsti Shuba – Co-Founder, Katherine Daniels