Vitamin B complex injection is used by many individuals for an immediate boost in energy and to aid in weight loss. These injections are most useful for fatigue caused due to nerve damage, diabetes, sciatica, tinnitus, effects of stress, chronic disease, B12 deficiency and a number of other conditions. Vitamin B is not actually a single vitamin but is a collection of 8 different vitamins that form the group of B vitamins. These vitamins are all water soluble which means that they can be easily transported around the body.

Researches and studies have proved that Vitamin B complex injections are more efficient than tablets, gels or liquids. This is because the digestive system, stomach acids and enzymes attack the molecular structure of B vitamins when consumed in the form of tablets or gels. But in case of injections, neither acids nor enzymes are able to attack the vitamins. This results in higher rate of absorption and retention of B vitamins with faster and effective results. Many countries use these injections as dietary supplements.

The importance of B vitamins cannot be understated. Vitamins and minerals are usually required by the human body in extremely small quantities. However, the absence of these small quantities is likely to cause serious health problems to the individual. B complex vitamins promote immune system function, cell growth, metabolic function and nervous system function. Various characteristics of the individual such as energy levels, skin health, and muscle condition therefore depend on the consumption of adequate levels of B complex vitamins.


B Complex is not readily absorbed by the body, which is why people people can become deficient in it.

Each individual nutrient contained in B Complex features a unique structure and performs its own special functions within the body.

  • Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and biotin all aid in different ways with energy production
  • Vitamin B6 is essential for regulating amino acid metabolism
  • Vitamin B12 and folic acid encourage the processes required for cell division


Vitamin B complex helps prevent infections and helps support or promote-


 • cell health 

• growth of red blood cells 

• energy levels 

• good eyesight 

• healthy brain function 

• good digestion 

• healthy appetite 

• proper nerve function 

• hormones and cholesterol production 

• cardiovascular health 

• muscle tone


In men B vitamins are thought to increase testosterone levels in men, which naturally decrease with age. They may also help men build muscle and increase strength.


No. B Complex is not the same as B12. B12 is just one of the 8 individual essential vitamins that fall into the vitamin B group. B Complex, meanwhile, contains all 8 of the essential vitamins in the vitamin B group, including B12. So taking B Complex can potentially help address a B12 deficiency as well.


All vitamins injections are administered intramuscular (IM)

Author: Sevore Aesthetics