What does astaxanthin do for your body?

Astaxanthin (pronounced ‘asta-zan-thin’) is a naturally occurring super potent antioxidant. It is part of a group of deep orange and red antioxidants called carotenoid. The dark rich red hue creates the deep pink pigment in seafood’s such as lobster, crab and salmon.

This amazing power from the sea has incredible health benefits.

It is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature and has been called ‘the king of carotenoids’. This group of natural nutrients includes lutein and beta carotene.

Why is astaxanthin so special?

As antioxidant astaxanthin protects cells from damage caused by unstable molecules known as free radicals. This is where a cell has one too many or one too few atoms and is called oxidative stress. Some antioxidants can trigger free radical activity under certain conditions but Astaxanthin is unique in the fact that it is a pure antioxidant.  It will only work to protect and doesn’t become a pro-oxidant.

Astaxanthin uniquely takes on 2 completely different roles in the fight against free radicals. Many antioxidants work either inside the cell membrane (vitamin E and beta-carotene) or outside the cell membrane (vitamin C), however, this incredible antioxidant has the power to do both tasks. It is able to position itself on the inside and the outer cell wall.

What is the best source of astaxanthin?

Wild salmon is possibly the food with the highest density of this incredible antioxidant. However, concerns over pollution of fish caught at sea have led scientists to say that we should only eat fish one to 2 times per week.

The best concentration of this substance can be found in single-cell microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, which has been recognised as the environmentally best source of extracting the purest and most effective astaxanthin.

Does synthetic astaxanthin give the same benefits as natural sources?

Natural astaxanthin is believed to be 20-50 times more potent than synthetic astaxanthin.

What are the benefits of astaxanthin?

1. Astaxanthin the antioxidant super power

Some studies have shown this super strength carotenoid has been shown to have over 6000 the antioxidant strength that vitamin C has, 800 times more power than Co Q10, 550 times that of green tea and 75 times the potency of alpha lipoic acid. Astaxanthin is bioavalable throughout the whole body.

2. Astaxanthin is unique in antioxidants

It has an incredible ability to encompass the whole cell, performing it’s super powers over both the water-soluble and fat-soluble components to protect every cell in your body and it just keeps on giving. Many antioxidants turn into pro-oxidants over time in the body but astaxanthin doesn’t.

3. Astaxanthin to give your muscle endurance and strength

The same power that helps salmon to swim up stream will give you added strength when working out in the gym, speed up recovery time and  protect muscles from dystrophy as we age.

4. Astaxanthin is a powerful anti-inflammatory

Studies have shown that it help to reduce pain in certain conditions.

5. Astaxanthin supports eye health

The molecular structure of astaxanthin allows for it to cross through membranes into the retina where it may help to support macular health and eye strain.

6. Astaxanthin for super skin

We included astaxanthin in H3O Night Repair, so that this amazing ingredient could work wonders while you sleep. Not only are you getting the amazing benefits of these amazing antioxidant, astaxanthin also acts as a natural sunscreen, helping to defend your body against UV damage, including burning and pigmentation.

How to choose your source of astaxanthin?

Although you can find some astaxanthin in krill oil it is a very low percentage and the highest food grade food source is red sockeye salmon. You would need to consume large amounts daily to get the right dosage.

Supplements are the answer but you will find that there is a wide range of qualities and prices of astaxanthin on the market. We only use high potency completely natural astaxanthin from algae. You will find other products that may be created as a by product of splitting petroleum, so be sure that you choose your product with care.

H3O Night Repair is an excellent source of astaxanthin and the fact that it is complemented with other super antioxidants and electrolyte minerals make it an incredibly powerful supplement.

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