Your Skin vs Autumn

As Autumn sets in, your skin may need a little extra TLC

Cold winds are 1 part of a potential but preventable problem. Throw into the mix the moisture sapping effects of your central heating and you’ve got yourself the ingredients of a ‘skin damaging cocktail’.

Without good protection, your skin barrier (the uppermost layer that protects your skin against the environment) may become damaged. Not only letting your essential skin oils & moisture escape, but letting environmental aggressors into your skin too. This will cause damage at cellular and surface levels of your skin.

Extreme changes of temperature will play havoc if your skin is not protected

Don’t put away your SPF! Sun protection is the best weather protection. Autumnal walks at the weekend, standing on the side-lines at a Saturday morning football match, will all call for some extra TLC.  As will the change of temperature from your warm home or office to the cold outside.

A layer of Daily DNA Defence SPF30 is so lightweight you won’t know you’re wearing it. Not only will it protect you from the cold and wind. But also, UV rays, pollution particles and blue light from your smart tech. Its your final coat of skin armour.

Small adjustments are all that’s needed.

Have you thought about switching some of your skincare products to prepare for the winter months ahead? Small adjustments are all that’s needed. You don’t have to put away all your skincare favourites, just change 1 or 2 things.

Switch to Rich…

If you’re used to a lightweight Skin Defence cream. Switch to Rich – opt for our richer textures. There’re no gloopy old fashion textures here at Katherine Daniels. Just richer, more protective. To help your skin stay healthy in the winter months ahead.

Rich enough already?…

If you prefer our richer textures already, try switching your concentrate. We recommend the Nurturing Night Balm. As the name suggests it’s our overnight, skincare hero. Ideal when your skin becomes parched of its natural oils during the cold winter months. A little goes a long way (your hands will thank you for some TLC too).

Fail to protect & your skin will take control (but not in good way!)

As crazy as this sounds. Its true. Without getting the protection provided by your products. Your skin will form its own protective barrier – nothing will get in. Skincare ingredients will sit superficially on your skins surface, giving little result. Nothing can get out (trapped oil) blackheads may form under your skin, with no natural way out they’re really difficult to treat at home.

Keep your skin protected. Exfoliate weekly with our Essential Exfoliating Gel, and your skin will stray radiant and strong all winter long.

With love,

Katherine Daniels x 

AUTHOR: Gemma Little